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Very Favorable Resolution

“Merrill Gordon was a great help to us. After being exhausted by a stressful dispute with our insurance company, Merrill’s representation resulted in a very favorable resolution for us and we will always be appreciative of his efforts in this matter. If ever the unfortunate circumstance arose, we wouldn’t hesitate to seek his representation again.”

A Fantastic Attorney

“You’re a fantastic attorney thank you again very much for all your work.”

The Epitome of Responsiveness

“I have obtained services from many attorneys in my life, but I have yet to find one that can match his responsiveness. You won’t wait weeks, days, or even hours for an answer. Having immediate feedback during delicate situations eases the anxiety one feels when dealing with the court system.”

Appreciate Everything You Did

“I have shared your number with 2 people so far. I really do appreciate everything you did for me during my divorce.”

Excellent Attorney Who Truly Goes Above and Beyond

“Merrill Gordon is an excellent attorney who truly goes above and beyond for his clients. He represented me in my divorce and later for parenting time issues. Merrill is professional, patient, thorough, and prompt to answer all questions and concerns. I really appreciated Merrill’s no-nonsense style, he will tell you like it is and work hard to get you the results you want. I’m thankful for his representation and highly recommend for all family law matters!”

You Made This as Smooth as Possible

“Thank you so much Merrill for all of your help with this. You made this as smooth as possible. I hope you and your family enjoyed the holidays!”

You Were Kind Enough to Help

“You were kind enough to help my wife, myself and my mother with a case in 2008 to achieve a settlement for a head on accident. Thank you still. I recently got your calendar for the new year and since I am now handling my mom’s mail, she also received one. I wanted to let you know that my mom passed this past May at 94 years of age. Your settlement helped her maintain her lifestyle, but more importantly, gave her peace of mind with her financial security as she aged. She had a short illness and after a wonderful life we lost her.”

Even Praise From The Opposing Party

“I know there has been some animosity on this thing, but I must say working with you has been straightforward.  Thanks for your work to get this resolved.”

Amazing Lawyer

“Amazing lawyer. Goes beyond and above”

Helped Me Through Every Step of the Way

“Merrill Gordon helped me through every step of the way and was on top of everything that needed to be done. He was honest and explained everything. I will recommend him to anyone needing an attorney. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MAKING THINGS EASY IN A DIFFICULT SITUATION.”

Thank You for Your Representation, Honesty and Hard Work

“Good morning Merrill, Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving. Wanted to reach out and say thank you for your representation, honesty, and hard work. It has been a crappy situation with an unreasonable person for 15 years now and you made the process a little less stressful both in court and financially (kind of haha jk). Thank you for not backing down, I appreciate it.”

Professional and Knowledgable Every Step of the Way

“Going into co-parenting with my ex was a rocky road. Merrill helped me to look at things objectively and keep it simple. He was professional and knowledgeable every step of the way. He was affordable and patient with me when I didn’t have the money immediately available. I’d highly recommend him for anyone dealing with a divorce or child custody case.”

Professionalism & Attentiveness

“Merrill did an excellent job handling my case. He consistently conducted himself with the upmost professionalism and attentiveness. Merrill helped me reach a favorable outcome and our case never went to trial. I would recommend Attorney Gordon to anyone involved in a family court case.”

Helpful, Patient & Knows the Law

“Merrill Gordon is an outstanding attorney. He’s helpful, patient and knows the law. He’s has helped me out several times over the years. The lawyer that I originally hired for my divorce couldn’t hold a candle to Mr. Gordon. Thanks to his hard work my court issues worked out in my favor. I would highly recommend contacting him with legal problems you may have. There should be more competent attorneys like Merrill Gordon.”

Top Notch Experience, Kindness

“I’ve known Merrill Gordon for a long time as a friend so when I needed his help with a family law situation, I put it in his hands. I’m so happy that I did. His experience, kindness and efficiency are top notch.”

Very Attentive, Responsive

“I couldn’t have been more pleased with the way Merrill handled my case. He was very attentive, responsive, and made every attempt to guide my case to its proper resolution. I was very fortunate to have him as my attorney.”

I'm Glad You're on My Side

“You’re killin’ it Merrill! Thank you so much for everything, seriously.

I really love that you’re always professional and prepared for every interaction. I got the feeling that opposing counsel was really reaching on topics earlier today because she either wasn’t prepared or she didn’t have the confidence in what they came to the table with. Hence all of the distractions. I’m glad that the Judge saw through the theatrics.

I especially loved that they called me a liar multiple times, unprofessionalism aside, and you just said “He’s under oath” – such an awesome response to their slander; fortunately I have nothing to lie about and the truth was all that came out and always will.

Just wanted to say…I’m glad you’re on my side.”

Indispensable Service at a Very Reasonable Price

“Attorney Merrill Gordon is the real deal and whole package as far as attorneys go. With his experience and knowledge of Family Law, along with his genuine caring and concern of my case, Atty. Gordon kept me strong through the whole process. He is professional and always available and attentive for questions, was quick to get back to me with any queries or concerns I had. Forever thankful and grateful for one of the truly good attorney that provides an indispensable service at a very reasonable price and I highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about family law.

Thank you for helping me win my case!!!”

Professional, Compassionate, Available and Extremely Knowledgeable

“I retained Merrill Gordon as my divorce attorney. At all times, Merrill was professional, compassionate, available and extremely knowledgeable about my divorce. I know every divorce is different, but with Merrill’s expert advice, I was able to stay married. This was the exact outcome I was looking for. I will always appreciate everything Merrill did for me.”

The Utmost Professional Performance

“From day one, Merrill exhibited the utmost professional performance as my divorce attorney. In stark contrast to my ex’s attorney, he set very clear and realistic expectations of what was to come. He vigorously advocated for the outcomes that I believed were fair and just. He is an excellent communicator, and I felt very aware of everything that I needed to do, every step of the way. I will surely refer him to anyone that ever asks.”

Glad to Have His Expertise

“Merrill was hired as my lawyer for my divorce as well as for a PPO that was violated by the other party. Merrill was always available and made sure I knew exactly what to expect and when. He was always timely with appointments, documents, and court dates. I never felt as though I was “in the dark” with him. Very glad to have his expertise during this time. Definitely recommend!”

Excellent Services & Treated Us Like Family!!!

“I wish I knew Merrill years ago during the start of my divorce, but he recently got involved in another aspect of my case and of course won the case, treated myself/my family with such dignity and respect and show a genuine care I wish all attorneys do for their clients! I don’t have enough space here to tell you how highly pleased we are with his services, compassion, and consider him a friend now! A++++!!!!”

Recommend by My Friend the Judge

My wife of 38 years filed for a divorce, but we remain friendly much to Merrill’s credit. In my profession I deal with a lot of attorneys, so finding a process to select representation for my divorce was tricky. I wanted someone who would listen to me in my effort to get a reasonable and fair settlement for us both – in spite of the fact that I saw my ex’s attorney as quite the opposite. So I sought the recommendation of an old friend who was a retired, highly respected judge and he offered three attorneys for consideration. Merrill was by far the most “in tuned” to the way I wanted my case handled. He clearly presented “the law” and the options I faced allowing me the decisions on how to proceed. We were able to get it done reasonably quickly, and my ex and I remain friendly…again much to Merrill’s credit

Divorce/Child Custody

I could not have chosen a better lawyer for my case. If I had to chose one word to describe Merrill, it would be “integrity”. Merrill would not and would not let me play unfair and be dishonest, even when my ex wife and her attorney would, I really respect him for that. Merrill listened to me and would tell me realistically what I could expect worst/best case. He had a very difficult case and well exceeded my expectations. He was bombarded with papers and accusations about me from my ex wife’s attorney and would help me understand what was happening. I was ready to give up many times and Merrill convinced me to keep fighting. His experience in court proceedings were beyond compare. He would explain to me, that I would need to weigh if something small was worth fighting over, or would you rather it all just be over. That is when I realized that Merrill understood me as a client and knew that although I did not want her to think that she had won, it was best to just be done. When it was over, my attorney fee’s we 1/4 of what my ex wife had spent and although neither her nor I got everything we wanted, I can honestly say that I am happy with the J.O.D. and have no regrets.

I have still contacted Merrill from time to time for advice, he has been responsive and helpful. Will continue to use Merrill if anything in the future should arise.

Divorce Attorney

Merrill was my attorney for my divorce. It was a very difficult process. I really liked that Merrill did not make a bunch of empty promises to me for the sake of getting more hourly pay for himself. I felt he always tried to paint a realistic picture of what I was facing financially and did his best to minimize cost for me. He was always approachable and available and very prompt at returning calls and e-mails.

Divorce Attorney

Merrill Gordon represented me during my recent divorce proceeding. Needless to say, I was put through an extremely traumatic process by my spouse.
An example was an instance early in the proceeding when a situation developed that prompted a late night call to Merrill’s cell. His counsel was absolutely correct and I was able to react accordingly. I found that Merrill was available to help 24/7 which was extremely important in my case. He is not a 9 – 5 lawyer.
Another thing that I appreciated was his promptness in returning my calls and appearing on time for my court appearances. Also, I felt that his billing process was very fair. His billing statements were easy to read and very accurate.
I would definitely recommend Merrill as a divorce attorney

Professional, Timely, Trustworthy!

The legal process can be an intimidating experience, but working with Merrill really helped to alleviate that fear. He was able to explain everything in a way that was easy to understand and made sure I was comfortable at all times. He was extremely professional, timely and trustworthy. I would absolutely recommend Merrill Gordon as he will always have your best interest at heart.

Top Notch Attorney

I have had Merrill handle matters for me and would recommend him to everyone. Not only is he competent he treats me as if I am his only client. He keeps me informed without drowning me in legalese. If you need an attorney to handle your divorce or other litigation in the area give him a call.

Highly Recommend Merrill Gordon Family Law

My wife file filed for divorce. I am happy to report that we have decided to dismiss the case and reconcile.
As I searched for an attorney, a friend suggested that I consider Mr. Gordon. Brief research revealed that he had excellent reviews. In our conversations he was very precise in his questioning and advice. He made it clear to me exactly what I was facing and detailed options that were readily understood.
He was upfront about his billing, providing a detailed monthly statement with a brief description, cost, and timestamp for each billable line item.
Mr. Gordon inspired my confidence impressing me as a very precise thinker who knows his business. I highly recommend Merrill Gordon to anyone in need of counsel in Family Law matters.

Helped Me & My Family

I would definitely recommend Attorney Merrill Gordon in fact, I already have, to a few of my friends. Mr. Gordon has been used in various cases in my family for years I remember my grandmother hiring him when I was maybe 4 or 5 years old. I am now 24 and need him for my own reasons as he always yielded excellent results. If he is handling any type of case or claim for you, you can depend on him to promptly respond to any concerns you may have regarding your situation be it via voicemail e- mail or simply leaving a message with a secretary, even if it’s not pertaining to the portion of the matter he’s handling. He is also very articulate and good with keeping you informed on the current status of your case by phone or mail, as well as checking on you and your mental/physical state as far as the case is concerned. He even sends follow up letters from phone conversations to let you know that you have his genuine concern and appreciation!

Car Accident/ Tickets - Professional & Effective

I was introduced to Merrill shortly after moving to Michigan and he was extremely helpful in the resolution of my case. I was grateful for how much he was able to help me understand the situation, receiving a constant update on where we were in the process, and then really coming through with a positive resolution in a timely manor. Have suggested a few friends to him since then and would use again.

Get In Contact

Merrill Gordon is accessible to clients at his Farmington Hills office and is also available via phone or email to discuss your case any time of day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He also provides a free initial consultation and flexible payment options.