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It’s no secret that divorce can be one of the most traumatic experiences in your life.  But how you respond to a spouse or same-sex partner filing for divorce, or how you go about filing yourself, can make a huge difference in your ability to get the results you want from the proceedings.

Attorney Merrill Gordon is an honest, tough, aggressive and experienced Oakland County divorce attorney who will help protect your rights and ensure that your issues will be front and center during the divorce or other family court proceedings.

Whether your spouse has filed for divorce or you are filing, Merrill Gordon works hard to protect your rights and resolve divorce issues amicably.  However, when that isn’t possible, he will provide the type of aggressive representation you need to reach the divorce settlement you want, especially when child custody, child support, visitation, division of property and debts  or alimony is involved.

We start by answering some of the pertinent questions clients often have about the proceedings, including:

  • What are the time frames for the divorce proceedings?
  • If your spouse has filed for divorce, how long do you have before you need to answer so that your rights are not jeopardized?
  • Should you continue to live in your home with your spouse during the proceedings or move?
  • What issues are considered when determining who gets custody of the children, child support or visitation rights?
  • How does Michigan’s “No Fault” divorce law impacts your situation, and does “fault” still matter?
  • What determines how your assets and liabilities are divided in a divorce?
  • How is the potential for alimony determined?
  • Should the court enter temporary orders concerning custody, parenting time, and child support?
  • Are status quo orders for the payment of bills necessary or needed?
  • Are order necessary to stop the disposing of assets?

Then Merrill Gordon works personally with his client to protect their rights and represent them in all divorce proceedings. Clients count on him to negotiate divorce settlements while respecting their needs and the relationship with their children. He also helps parents enforce, modify or change court-ordered parenting time, visitation and child support, even after a judgment or order has been entered.

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