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When children are part of a divorce, the courts are involved in their lives and yours until they turn 18.  As a result, parents are often faced with issues regarding parental rights and child support after the divorce is finalized.  For decades, Merrill Gordon, a Oakland County child custody attorney, has helped parents negotiate agreements tailored to their schedules, finances and their children’s best interests. When negotiation fails to provide a plan agreeable to all parties, Merrill Gordon will fight in court for his clients’ rights to parenting time or custody and regarding support issues. And if parenting time or support orders are violated, or circumstances change, including a change of domicile, that requires child support, parenting or custody modifications, he will go to court to see the orders are enforced or petition the court to modify court orders to your satisfaction. Merrill Gordon has years of experience negotiating fair child support payments. He will see that these arrangements are enforced and that they are modified as your family’s needs change.

The custody arrangements for your children after a divorce are also vital to their well-being. Whether you seek individual, joint or shared custody of your children, you need an experienced family law attorney to negotiate an arrangement that is best for you and your children. Merrill Gordon regularly helps families negotiate, enforce and modify child custody arrangements, including changes of domicile.

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