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March 25, 2020

Representing Clients During the COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic

These are uncertain times for all of us and those involved in divorce proceedings or other family court matters such as parenting time/visitation matters, child support matters, alimony/spousal support matters or those contemplating such Court action are truly navigating in uncharted waters. We are here to help and we will work with you every step of the way.

Because of the COVID-19 / Coronavirus pandemic, Courts have taken extraordinary steps, limiting Court personal exposure and the ability of the general public to enter the courthouse and various courtrooms. The courts have limited court appearances to emergency matters only and have extended court deadlines for the initiating of court proceedings and responding to court filings by opposing party. In addition, motion dates, trial dates, and all other interim dates have generally extended or postponed, as have appearances before both Judges and the Friend of the Court.

Family Law and Divorce Help During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Although these accommodations have been put in place by the courts in Oakland, Wayne and Macomb Counties, as well as all other county courts throughout the State of Michigan, the COVID-19 / Coronavirus pandemic has not halted the ability of our office remotely, meet with clients, file initial court proceedings or documents, or respond to court proceedings, or documents that have been filed.

Court documents dealing with divorce proceedings, visitation or parenting time matters, matters involving child support, matters involving spousal support or alimony, or separate maintenance matters or other family court matters, can be discussed remotely and pleadings prepared remotely for immediate filing by our office or for filing once the Coronavirus / COVID-19 pandemic emergency subsides.

A Family Law Attorney Here For You In Tough Times

While others may not see legal representation as essential, our office understands that your divorce proceeding or other family court matter is of the utmost importance to you and it is of the utmost importance to us as well. We are here for you and stand ready to help in any way we can. We are ready to provide advice, consult with you concerning your case, file any court papers that are necessary, and once we are allowed to go to the courts, appear with you and for you in all Court and Friend of the Court proceedings.

As always, we offer free initial telephone consultation, fax, texts, and email communication options, flexible payment options and credit card payment availability and transparent, open, honest, and zealous representation.

In times like these, and at all times, you can count on us.

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